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Founder of h9industries and co-host of the h9cast.

Currently studying Computer Science at the University of York.

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Apple Music -

I think the benefit of streaming services like this is that for not that much money every month you don't have to resort to pirating music. A service like Apple Music or Spotify can pretty much become the only place you ever need to go for music. The experience these services provide is also worth something. You can just search for a song and play it whenever you want, there's no hassle involved.

There's also the argument of making sure that you support the artists that you like, but that's probably a conversation for another time. 

Episode 29 - Future-proofing - Since recording this episode of the podcast Apple has released watchOS 2 to the public. We'll bring you up to date on our testing of it next week!

Episode 11 - Virtually something. -

As promised, here is the comment to the Twitter #IVoted time-lapse:

Episode 9 - The rise of the monopolies -

Just to add to this, since recording there has been an update on the whole Steam paid mods topic. You can read about it here:

Episode 6 - Computers Everywhere! -

It's good to see that something we thought would happen (Amazon on your smart watch) is now a reality.

The Apple Watch apparently connects to your home/work etc. network over WiFi as well as connecting directly to your iPhone over bluetooth. Apple described this as allowing the watch to communicate with your iPhone even when it's outside of bluetooth range (I believe they have to be on the same WiFi network though), but I'm sure it could be used in the future for communicating directly with the internet, if it can't already.

We are potentially looking at a situation though where we want our watches to be internet connected all the time, even if they aren't connected to your smartphone. If this is the case then we might see more watches with their own mobile network connections, like the LG watch we talked about a couple of podcasts ago.

2015 USA - Day 1 - I thought of those song lyrics while looking out of the window!